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LockSaver is a free, small and user-friendly screensaver software. You can choose a single or a series of images.You can also apply a series of effects (shadows, shadows and drops, blur, etc.), add or remove frames and adjust the color of your wallpaper.The speed of the animation and the default quality of the screen savers are adjustable.LockSaver comes with a built-in randomizer. You can choose between the number of images (1, 2 or 3), the number of frames (4, 9 or 20) and the number of different frames (100).The application includes a built-in real-time randomizer. The frames are shuffled during each active screen saver.You can adjust the default parameters (rate, length, delay, etc.) and create your own rules (frequency, delay, number of loops, etc.).You can also choose the desktop theme. A random desktop theme is applied at the beginning of each new screen saver.Features:Free!PowerPoint compatible.Small and fast application.15 image screensavers available (number to be adapted depending on your needs).3 image screensavers for PowerPoint (number to be adapted depending on your needs).3 image screensavers for PowerPoint (powerpoint compatible).Blurred image screen savers.Rich image.Photo effects.Insert text, music, sound, background sound,...Wallpaper transitions.PowerPoint compatible.... Free ScreenSaversTuesday, 31 July 2010Found this old article written in the late 90’s at a site called is an excerpt of the interview published on the site:“Knowledge of the game coming from his fans’ CD-Roms was what helped him discover the possibilities of the game. At the time, he only knew about what he could make himself.‘We know that the reason we do it well or we might even have a chance is because of the CD-Roms that the fans have made, because that’s where the game content comes from,’ he says.‘We also know that it’s all in Japanese, so we actually reworked all the lyrics, the score, the sound effects and even some of the graphics.’Their direction came from what they thought could be accomplished on the NES and what they 08929e5ed8

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