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Are you ready for radical self-acceptance and creating positive change in your life, NOW?


"Decrypting the mysteries of life"

The Pillar Code is a Life, Mind and Body treatment system. The technique allows individuals, leaders and businesses to lift into their greatest consciousness, which is the key to connecting to a Life of Peace, Purpose and Prosperity™.

The treatment encompasses three main areas:

- Acceptance: you must first accept where you are in the present moment, the good, the bad and the ugly. Having full acceptance that this is your reality if you are going to change it.

- Awareness: illustrates what actions or changes are required in your life. This could be simply an awareness, a change in lifestyle, perspective, energy, etc. Without awareness of the changes that are required, you will continue to hold onto the same patterns.

- Gratitude: what has that block or experience taught you? This is about finding the silver lining and understand every perceived block is a gift. You must connect into gratitude to clear your blocks.

Each element of the technique gives you messages, treatments and tools to take you on “A Journey of Healing” from “Reliance to Resilience”, bringing you back in command of your choosing, whilst watching your life’s manifestations materialise.

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