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You are your own responsibility. 

By signing up for coaching services or a course facilitated by Tiega you are making a promise to yourself, to take positive action in your life and committing to the betterment and growth of your self and welbeing, inside and out.

Coaching and courses are facilitated as a guide for you to get the most joy and fulfilment out of your life, as a client or participant you take full responsibility for what happens in your life and acknowledge that Tiega has no direct effect on your life and cannot be held responsible for any actions, choices, events or any other that take place. You must conduct yourself and life using common sense and act in your own best interest.

All fees must be paid in advance of any services rendered & will be invoiced prior to commencing the first session. Fees are quoted in AUD & are all-inclusive. Payment details are provided on the invoice. Additional appointments can be scheduled as needed & paid for accordingly. If you need to cancel an appointment, please provide at least 48 hour's notice or unfortunately, it will be necessary to charge you for the appointment. The coach and client agree to provide each other with two week's notice in the event that it is desired to terminate coaching. Otherwise, the coaching will continue for the duration of the contracted period. As coaching services are paid for in advance, a refund for the remaining sessions as identified at the time of agreed termination will be made accordingly without further enquiry. Scheduled coaching sessions ought to be a priority. A minimum of 48 hours is needed for cancellations or changes, otherwise, you will be charged for the full session.

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